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Immerse yourself into the world of Hawkins with these interactive installations that will turn your world...upside down. 

The installations featured include:

An exact replica of the Byers living room with the iconic alphabet wall and flickering lights.

a group of people standing in a room

The Hawkins Laboratory has consumed the main bar which is engulfed in chainlink fence, where team lab technicians are attempting to break through to the upside down.

A full scale, movie-quality replica facade of Castle Byers, complete with signs and the American flag.

a large room

An homage to everyone's favorite victim from Season 1.  Guests can return to the scene of the crime where Barb was swallowed up in the swimming pool.

A life size rendition of the classic Stranger Things poster, with interactive mounted bikes leaving the woods.

a bicycle parked in front of a sign

The entire mezzanine has transformed into the Upside Down, with an eerie glow of haunting blue lights, cascading branches and leaves, a rotting pumpkin patch, and a cocooned Will Byers--all under the watchful eye of the infamous Demagorgon. 

A 70-foot Mind Flayer suspended over the entire main floor with 5 25-foot tentacles sprawling from the main bar to the bathrooms and stair case

a lit up city at night

Stay tuned for more pictures!