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a glass of beer on a table


This powerful cocktail combines peach-infused bourbon maple syrup, lemon and mint. A garnish of mini Eggo waffles will have you believing in your own telepathic abilities. 

a glass with a blue light in a dark room


A decadent, scarlet hibiscus-infused tequila puts a strange but delicious spin on a Margarita. Garnished with a blue salt rim, and the head of a Demogorgan.

a glass of orange juice

Pumpkin Patch

Investigate the mystery at Merrill’s pumpkin crop with this pumpkin spiced colada with dark and spiced rum is an homage to all of our favorite basics. If you're feeling fabulously fallish, sip and savor this delicious drink. 

a glass of orange juice

The Mind Flayer

House-made apple cinnamon Jameson, cranberry juice, and apple cider blend together in the most refreshing fall cocktail that will turn your world, well, upside down...