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Chireal Jordan

Co-Owner & Partner

As co-owner and partner of Machine Hospitality Group and Headquarters Beercade—in Chicago’s River North neighborhood as well as Nashville, TN—Chireal Jordan turns the hospitality industry on its head, bringing outlandish and provocative concepts to life without a hint of pretension or hesitation. Along with Co-Owner and Partner Brian Galati, Jordan oversees the nostalgic, Beercades, providing a pragmatic and functional perspective that brings his partner’s wild ideas to life in a way that dazzles and immerses his guests. “Brian thinks of a lot of crazy ideas, and I feed off that, help organize that, and turn it into functional reality,” Jordan says. “I like to blow peoples’ minds; I like the ‘wow’ factor—all while maintaining an exceptionally high quality product. 

That high quality shows up in HQ’s dynamic selections of craft beer and playful cocktails, as well as a culinary menu hinged on youthful nostalgia yet informed by fine-dining techniques. To achieve said quality, Jordan meshes a no-nonsense attitude with a management style that fosters growth, while leading by example. “I never hesitate to pick up a broom,” he explains. “Work with me, show me progress, show me commitment, and I’ll return it.”

A born and raised Chicagoan, Jordan played youth sports and earned an athletic scholarship to Southern Illinois University. He left after two years, however, and joined the military, eager to see the world. After travelling the globe and experiencing different cultures, Jordan returned to Chicago in 2001 with a fresh outlook. During his homecoming party at Wrigleyville’s John Barleycorn, the bar’s manager approached Jordan to thank him for his service and offer him a job as a security guard, marking his foray into the hospitality industry.

As he completed his remaining undergraduate studies, Jordan fell in love with the industry and realized he could find his own success with enough hard work. “Within six months I learned everyone’s job, because I wanted to know how it all worked,” he explains. In 2002, his efforts paid off, earning him a manager title. Seeking the next challenge, Jordan joined the high-caliber Downtown nightclub Soundbar in 2004 as security manager. A year later, he became the mega-nightclub’s general manager, mastering the world of bottle service and celebrity appearances to round out his hospitality management skillset.

Jordan met his current business partner when he brought his Soundbar staff to Galati’s Suite Lounge in Old Town. The duo became close business advisors and creative sounding boards, with Jordan’s logistical mind balancing Galati’s artistic musings. They officially joined forces in 2012 and launched the first HQ Beercade in Lakeview, making waves in the neighborhood’s nightlife with their arcade-meets-craft beer and cocktail concept, which soon expanded to a second location in River North. As HQ Beercade goes national with the launch of its Nashville, TN location, Jordan relishes in the community’s enthusiastic embrace. 

Jordan resides in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, where he spends most of his free time driving and wrenching on his lovingly restored classic cars, a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback and a 1953 Ford F100 pickup.