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The entryway will be enveloped in a black and white cornfields transporting visitors to Kansas. To the right by the Shel Silverstein books will be a floor to ceiling tornado surrounded by a suspended Dorothy's house, animals and other debris.

Guests will step through a rainbow entryway into the merry old land of Oz. To their right, the main bar will a technicolor dream of lollipops, bubbles and flowers--a real life Munchkinland. To their left they can journey through the forest of our life size apple tree to meet the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. The path culminates at the DJ Wall which will be transformed into the Emerald City, with intermittent appearances from a video projected Oz, as well as a hot air balloon basket. 

Up the stairs guests can pose in a vertical field of 500 poppies engulfing the brick wall on their way to the mezzanine, which will transform into the witch's lair with a live animatronic witch, a crystal ball, brooms and hats galore. The opposite staircase with feature 100 ruby slippers suspended in air as a reminder that all they have to do is click their heels together three times, because There's No Place Like Home--a neon sign which will greet them at the bottom of the stairs as they reemerge back in Kansas.